Are you successful in your work? - Think again

Wed 17 Jan 2018 02:13:00 PM EET

The author of this article is Päivi Montgomery who works at MPS as a Business Development Manager. The article was first published by her in Finnish 11.1.2018 in LinkedIn.

There are two things that we are used to consider as indicators of success in working life – paycheck and title. Very well – you may have a competitive salary, better than your neighbor, an Audi in your yard and a nice seaside view from your house. You may also have a fancy title and get a more responsible job in your organization every two years. Congratulations, at least your boss thinks you’re a good employee.

But the cold truth, however, is that the world is changing, work is changing, and the skills needed today are changing. Faster than ever. The know-how and skills that have helped you achieve your earning level and title today, may not necessarily help you after a year or five years from now.

Now, think of what you would do if you lost your current job tomorrow for one reason or another. And if there were no equivalent jobs available anymore. What else could you do? What kind of skills would you have to offer if the situation changed completely? Would you be able to sustain yourself as an entrepreneur instead of being in paid labor? Or would it be possible for you to upgrade your current know-how quickly to the next level regarding for example digitalization? If your answer was ‘no’, it is time to reflect on your situation more persistently. Employability is the indicator of today’s career success.

The autonomy and variability of your job increase employability well, as they give you the opportunity to learn many things, as well as the opportunity to learn to take the initiatives yourself and move things forward. If you currently do not have these advantages at your work, I challenge you to think of how you could increase them. Also remember that maintaining and developing your own professional skills is not your employer’s responsibility but yours.

Earning incentives through hard work in the current working life is unfortunately somewhat in contrast with the perception of balanced free time. At work, people who are always available and happy to do a little extra at the expense of their own free time, are often favored. However, the view from your balcony, where the sun sets behind the sea, is not very thrilling if you never have time to enjoy it. Therefore, as much as it probably is more comfortable to drive home in an Audi than to use public transportation, family life and social relationships also require time and presence in their own part.

That is why success at work can now also be measured by how well you have managed to combine it with your other life so that you feel comfortable and healthy. It is an advantage that is not accessible to everyone. Balance and success in both areas can also enrich one another, not just disrupt. For example, the organizational skills that grow from running a household and the ability to anticipate situations are also skills that are useful at work. On the other hand, the enthusiasm and joy of work can have a positive impact on the family and free time. When you experience feelings of success in your work, you gain strength to invest in your free time so that it feels reviving and enriching.

Employability as well as the balance between work and free time, are the new black of work success.

Päivi Montgomery
The writer is a psychologist and career coach, who wants to be successful in both working and family life.


Are you successful in your work? - Think again


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