MPS employer profile

MPS companies currently employs nearly 200 highly skilled experts, and our international partnering networks comprises over 1500 professionals in management and human resources consulting. The will to develop and maintain our skills at the top of league are the basis of MPS’s success. A relaxed working environment and equal opportunities help to ensure the wellbeing of our personnel.

At MPS we support the personal development of our employees by providing opportunities for further training and learning, both in-house and externally. Our organisation also offers opportunities for career mobility to suit the individual’s situation and needs. Personal professional development can also be supported by processes such as mentoring.

MPS invests in wellbeing

The wellbeing of our personnel and a good working environment are priorities at MPS. We develop occupational wellbeing through continuous assessment of managerial work and by coaching. We invest in the physical wellbeing of our personnel in many ways, for example, by providing fitness vouchers, by developing ergonomics at the workplace, and also by organising sports and exercise events.

A good working environment is everyone’s concern at MPS. We all work together to maintain and develop it, meeting for joint appraisal sessions at least a few times a year. We also organise international meets where people have the chance to share experiences with colleagues from countries like Sweden and Lithuania. Events of a more festive nature are sometimes in order, too.

MPS - an international player

MPS has a strong international perspective and it shows in our operations. We work together across borders, which offers an excellent opportunity to maintain and improve your language skills, and to learn about other cultures.

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