Elisa Nordlund

Senior Consultant

Elisa acts as a senior consultant, team leader and is a member of Helsinki Career management group.

She enjoys conversations and wants to exceed customer's expectations. She takes delight in gathering the understanding of one's personality. She wants employees to flourish in their roles, bring good leadership and goodwill in the organizations.

Elisa loves to support personal growth and to use her skills to help people to find crucial insights of themselves in order to inspire people for creating better future for themselves and for others around them.

Key elements in her work experience and skills:

1. B2B Sales mainly for HR Services 2. Senior Consultant/Specialist in Talent Acquisition (Personality Assessments/Recruitment), Talent Management (Psychometric tools on Self-Awareness, Communication and Leadership Skills) and Occupational Wellbeing. 3. HR Businesses as a field 4. Business Development and Quality (EFQM Excellence Model)

Elisa has a Master's degree in Economics (Commercial Law), expertise on 15 psychometric/psychological tools and studies in Psychology (65op).


Finnish, English



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Elisa Nordlund
Elisa Nordlund
elisa.nordlund@mps.fi +358 40 771 2171